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Coach D's Backyard Ultra and Trail Race 

6.7km, 6hr, 12hr, and 24hr Trail Race


Race Date:  Saturday May 18, 2024

Location:  Ken Reid Conservation Area

Races offered:  6hr, 12hr, 24hr, Cross Country 6.7km Race

Race Start Time 9AM


Race Information

Race Rules & Guidelines

Race Location:

277 Kenrei Rd, Lindsay, ON K9V 4R2

This is a backyard ultra.  We will offer a 6.7km X-C course that needs to be completed every hour.   At the start of every hour our cow bell will be chimed.  This will signal the start of a fresh hour and lap.  Those who have not completed their lap unfortunately this will mark the end of the journey.  This will allow athletes to continue to strive towards completing the race and course.  


The 6hr, and 12hr are great events to get a taste of what we offer.  This event is run continuously.  From the sound of the gun see how many laps you can achieve before the end of your time. We don't count 1/2 laps just completed laps.  If we have several athletes who achieve the same amount of laps the athlete who completes that final lap the fastest will be declared the champion.

Our 24hr event is really something special.  You need to complete your lap before the end of the 1hr time limit.  If unable to, your race is over but you can try again next year.  You can’t start before the chime of the cowbell at the top of every hour.  Even if you finish your lap in 40 minutes, you must wait until the cowbell is chimed at 60 minutes to signal the start of a new lap and new hour.  You must wait until the start of a fresh hour before starting up again.  Completion of your lap must be done prior to the 60 minute marker not 1:00:01.  All those unable to complete their lap in 1:00:00 or get to the start line to start their next lap at the top of the hour will be declared DNF.

Those who survive into the final hour this lap becomes a race and the first to finish is the winner of the event.

For those who wish to qualify for the World Championships we will allow for 2 extra laps.  This would give you 26 laps or 174.2km.  We would do this at no extra charge.  You would need to let us know on registration if this is an interest.  Note that the 24 hour backyard ultra rules will still remain in effect.  The athlete who finishes the last lap the fastest will be declared the winner.

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Ken Reid Conservation Park


The course is a technical course consisting of grass, a small section of gravel, boardwalk, and deep woods.  This is a trail racer's dream with woods, roots, and close to water access. 




Entry Fees & Race Date

Race Date: Saturday, May 18, 2024

Location: Ken Reid Conservation Area

Race Times:

9 AM 6.7km Cross Country Race

9AM 6 HR Race

9AM 12 HR Race

9AM 24HR Race


6.7km Entry Fee is $40

6HR Entry Fee $80

12HR Entry Fee $100

24HR Entry Fee $150

Race Information & Contact

The Middle Path Ultra and Trail race is part of the Outrace Series. 

The goal of Kawartha Lakes Lightning is to provide races that are accessible to all athletes.  Working with all our sponsors we value the importance of maintaining the environment and becoming a responsible event organizer.

We are a green organization that promotes green initiatives and being environmentally friendly.

What to Bring:

Reusable water bottles

Water stations will be provided at the end of each loop.  You will be able to load up prior to either starting your next loop or in transit waiting for the top of the hour.

Bowls and utensils are required for food afterward.


Race Director: 

Darl Sutherland

(705) 930-4463

Registration and Timing

Registration:  Click on the link below


This is a chip-timed event for the 6.7km.  All results will be emailed and put on our website post-race.  Each athlete will receive bib's with timing chips attached for those in the single loop cross country race.

The backyard ultras will be marked based on completion of each lap.

In the 6hr, 12hr, 24hr, and World Championship qualifier the athlete is responsible to report to our designated person.  This person will be wearing a t-shirt with the number corresponding to their race on the back (6hr, 12hr, 24hr attached).   You will be checked off and be eligible to start again at the top of the hour. NOTE:  The athlete must check in not a family member, friend, or race crew.

What to do with free time between laps for the 24hr and World Championship qualifier?

After checking in with our staff, we have close access to the lake where you can freshen up, food items to choose from (soup, gels, water, energy drinks, pretzels etc.).  You are welcomed to set up a tent close by as long as it's off the race course.  Feel free to set up chairs, and get ready for the start of the next hour.

Race Location

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