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Kawartha Lakes Lightning Running Club




Established in the fall of 2018, the Kawartha Lakes Lightning Running Club is a non-for-profit club.  This is a coached program that was designed to meet the needs of competitive runners across various age groups and abilities. The program is group coaching designed to help you gain speed, strength, as well as stamina, and learn proper training techniques from our amazing coaching team. We can handle all speeds, so don't worry about being too fast or too slow for this group. Just come ready to run!



Born to Compete

KLL's competitive program is designed for all athletes of all ages, abilities, and distances who want to pursue competitive track & field, cross country, and distance training. We offer our athletes a comprehensive training regime focused on both the physical & the mental aspects of the sport – strength, conditioning, speed, stamina, competition planning & race psychology. Our competitive athletes develop the physical literacy & the confidence required to meet their athletic goals.


John Workman

"My son has been running for KLL since its inception. The guidance, positive reinforcement and motivation provided to Jack have been awe-inspiring.  The coaching team of Darl Sutherland and Wendy  Jones truly care about each athlete and invest an unwavering commitment to everyone's growth and development.  The KLL program is amazing!  Can't thank you both enough."

Pippa Stevenson

"my daughter competed in elementary cross-country events with the TLDSB and wanted to keep running and training after the fall season.  We were fortunate to join the KLL club.  Darl and Wendy, and all the senior athletes, support and inspire the younger runners.  The club has grown so much so quickly as Darl is really positive and finds ways to make training fun.  He has organized lots of events and offered on-line training throughout the pandemic to keep the runners engaged--it's truly been amazing!  Before the pandemic he coordinated opportunities for runners to compete at provincial events at the York University facilities. It's been a fabulous experience training with Darl and the KLL"

Trevor and Jen Griffin

Our daughter Haley joined the Lightning just over a year ago, a couple months before the pandemic forced everyone into lockdown. She has always been active in sport (swimming and triathlon) and has discovered that running is one of her strengths and something she enjoys. She had some success in competition and wanted to continue to improve and focus on her running. We talked to a few people including her high-school coach and the Lightning were recommended to us as a club that had a supportive approach to training and developing runners in all aspects of the sport. This was very important to us given some of what we had heard and read recently about the challenges for young women in this sport. We are very pleased with the approach that Darl takes to leading this program and the effort he has put in to make it a success.


Haley has benefitted a great deal from the camaraderie and support that she gets from the team, especially during the pandemic. Darl has found creative ways to keep them motivated and training safely and this has been a big factor in supporting mental health for these teens during a very challenging time. Haley has continued to develop as a runner and has been motivated to continue training on her own even when they couldn’t gather as a team. The approach that Darl takes with a weekly team workout, combined with self-directed training,  works well and helps to manage the time commitment for student-athletes. It is also very clear that Darl has a passion for the sport and the time and effort he has put into developing the program and supporting and encouraging runners is amazing. Compared to other sports the program is also very affordable and we like that it is setting a foundation for something Haley can continue to do for the rest of her life regardless of what she does competitively.


Trevor and Jen Griffin

Tracey Leeson

Kayla Leeson

Kayla joined the Kawartha Lakes Lightning Club after she tried track and field for the first time at school.  Coach Darl was so welcoming and made her feel included even though she was one of the only junior members at the time.  Since then, the club has grown and continues to be a positive environment.  Thanks to her coaches and teammates Kayla has developed self confidence in her own athletic abilities while focusing on goal setting and personal bests.

Tracey Leeson

Taya Keast, Morgan/Olivia Reevie












We're all officially on the same team again!!  Got rostered yesterday for Western!!  We all just watned to give you an update since honestly you are the reason Olivia and I started!  We couldn't have made it this far without you and your club, so really thank you so much!!

Thank you for bringing these two speedsters into my life back in grade 10!! We definitely would not all be at Western together without you.

Taya Keast, Olivia & Morgan Reevie


"The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart"

Robert Green Ingersoll


Peterborough, ON, Canada


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