What We’ve Been Up To


Our club has truly grown and expanded to all age groups.

Success has grown as a result.

Poppy Thompson is the 2019 Kpreaa Cross Country Champion and 4 time winner.

Grace Murphy has undergone an undefeated season in midget girls cross country to claim both Kawartha and Cossa Champion.

Coach's Documentary

Here is a video prepared by athlete Andy Hein.

COSSA X-C Participants

October 23, 2019

Our athletes have represented exceptionally well at Cross Country Championships!

This season here are some mentionables.


2019 Kawartha & Cossa Gold Medalist and undefeated Midget girls Champion Grace Murphy


2019 Kawartha & Cossa Silver Medalist Charlie Konyer

2019 Cossa SIlver Medalist Marisha Thompson

2019 COSSA 4th place finisher Ty FInley who was ranked 7th previously.  

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